Bleak Future – The Economic and Financial Ramifications of the Coronavirus Outbreak


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Bleak Future – The Economic and Financial Ramifications of the Coronavirus Outbreak is an in-depth analysis of the global economy as it struggles to overcome the virus. Drawing from multiple resources and tracing out the linkages between the global economic narrative and the individual financial agent, he maps out the effects of overarching economic dynamics on individual wealth. He clinically dissects the response of the Chinese government and the United States to reflect on existing economic circumstances to suggest strategies that you can use to sustain your wealth. 

Covid-19 is the single most destructive epidemic to hit the world within the past century. While less fatal than other viral pandemics in recent years, it has insidiously uprooted the sense of normalcy and confidence that is characteristic of modern civilization. As governments become increasingly controlling of individual actions, there is an impending sense of doom—particularly when it comes to existing financial systems…

Amidst ineffectual attempts to revive the global economy and a failing financial system, we are faced with one of the biggest financial challenges of our lives. The management and containment strategies during the past few months have been unimpressive, entrenched in political loyalties that valued personal gain at the cost of the millions who have succumbed to the disease. In a time when placing faith in the government is tantamount to financial suicide, it is up to the individual to devise strategies to overcome the impending economic recession.

Mikkel Thorup presents his views and expectations of the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the global economic system in this Special Report. With 20 years of experience as an Expat, Mikkel Thorup is a fierce proponent of financial libertarianism and Austrian School of Economic thought. With two decades of boots on the ground experience in the offshore space, he has gathered a plethora of knowledge on geopolitics and the interconnectivity of politics with economics.  

The year 2020 has come to a tricky start—2019 ended as what could only be characterized as the worst possible financial year since 2007—the woes from the last year have been amplified and carried forward. Crashing financial markets, shaky economies in the aftermath of the US-China trade war, an all-out uprising in Hong Kong and investor panic are all signifiers of an impending depression—an inevitability we can no longer afford to ignore.

While the financial agent is always struggling against the oppressive economic orders to wriggle his way toward greater freedom, it seems that we are now struggling against the throes of nature. As the entire world succumbs to panic and loses faith in the sense of certainty that comes from the delusions of a powerful government, we are at the doorstep of a new economic order. When the time comes, the wealthy and financially astute will be sought to restart what was disrupted by the epidemic—you will be the only ones with the resources to put the world back together. Thus, it is imperative that we all take the steps to sustain our wealth through flexible and cunning financial moves to step into the economic vacuum that will undoubtedly ensue when the haze clears.

If you are looking for a publication that summarizes and explains in excruciating detail the economics of this pandemic, you should read this Special Report. Use these strategies to weather the storm and come out on the other side to welcome a new horizon with greater influence and wealth.


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