Presidents Week Notes – What I Learned At One Of The Most Expensive Offshore Conferences In The World


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President’s Week Notes

The US economy has not been displaying a positive picture for a long time now… with the economy crashing, a large number of people are now seriously contemplating diversifying their investment portfolios and looking at foreign financial institutions for asset protection.  

In this Special Report ‘Notes from President’s Week’, we bring you the discussions held by leading financial experts on the importance of moving your wealth offshore, as well as the strategies for massive profits.

There is no denying that the US economy, over the past few years, has not been performing well, but now we are in an all-out panic. The year 2019 proved to be the worst in recent memory for the economy, which saw layoffs, closure of businesses, supply lines strained, etc. Adding to the economic woes is the volatile political situation in the country. After the 2018-2019 US government shutdown, many Americans began experiencing economic anxiety which continues to have a negative impact on the economy. Coupled with that, the China-US trade war, Brexit, rampant socialism in Europe, pending war with Iran and the uprising in HK has all raised the alarm bells. Now with the Coronavirus, we have been the dealt the death blow.

Is there any way to save your assets and prevent losing all your hard-earned money? Most financial experts strongly agree with the saying: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. In today’s challenging economic times, opting for offshore banking and diversified investment options is crucial to protecting your investments. Following such measures will not only allow you to keep your assets protected, but it will also introduce you to a myriad of investment opportunities. Want to learn more about these opportunities? 

Get started today and find out the financial measures that can help protect your assets and the investment opportunities that can provide you with a safe and less-risky option to grow your wealth. 

These investments will also give you access to second residency program of the countries where economic freedom and financial privacy laws are much stronger than the US’s. This special report also provides answers to the following common questions: 

  • Why should I worry about my assets’ protection?
  • What is asset protection?
  • Which financial institution is the best for offshore banking? 
  • Why is investing in the timber market a financially viable decision?
  • Why is it important to invest in an emerging market?
  • Is it advisable to invest in cryptocurrencies?

This special report also provides insights on offshore banking, second passports, offshore hedge funds, private equity, international real estate trends, and more. Think, for offshore accounts, do you know if you have to go to that country or can you get everything done remotely? How will the travel bans affect your wealth? Are you required by law to declare your foreign-held assets? To have a better understanding of how you can tap into economic opportunities presented all over the world, download this special report now. 

In ‘Notes from President’s Week’, we have compiled my actual handwritten notes from the Presidents Week Conference In Belize, this is an annual invitation-only event that has been running for 23 years straight – tickets for this high-end event start at $3500 USD a person but you gain access to my actual notes from the conference for a small fraction of what it cost me to attend. It is events like this that allow me to discover massive trends long before the rest of the market. Buy this Special Report now if you want access to the same insights I had while I was watching these talks.

All presentations by financial experts at the conference are covered in this Special Report to better understand what it’s like to diversify investments and choose a foreign land to secure true financial freedom. From investors to salaried individuals, everyone can benefit from this Special Report and learn about safer and less risky ways to grow their wealth and protect their existing assets.


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