Panama Residency Guide


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Learn Why You Will Love Living in Panama

Panama has a reputation of being one of the freest countries in the world and it is quickly becoming a country where many foreign nationals are pursuing residency to get on the path towards citizenship. The process of obtaining the Panama citizenship can also get fast-tracked if you happen to be a citizen of one of the 50 countries that they have listed as “friendly nations” due to the Friendly Nations Visa residency program.

Even if you do not belong to one of the friendly nations, Panama still presents an ideal option for a second passport. For instance, if you belong to one of the low-tier (visa-wise) countries, such as certain countries from the subcontinent, a residency in Panama can be a massive upgrade for you.

Panama also presents itself as an ideal location to enjoy a soft landing when things seem tough at the home base. It is a good alternative to have, especially if you are considering…

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