Mexico Amnesty Visa Program


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Why make the move and the Amnesty Visa Program

During the current times of government oppression through travel and vaccine mandates, Mexico has stood out as a country of freedom. To help people rather than hinder them, Mexico put an amnesty program in place to assist foreigners in Mexico so they could gain temporary residency without returning to their home country.
Mexico has been a beacon of light in the last couple of years. The country never fully locked down or imposed mandates to restrict the freedom of choice for their people. Who would have thought Mexico would be more free than Canada or the United States?

Life has much to offer in Mexico. Vast and varied landscapes. Warm, welcoming people. The second-best climate in the world, according to National Geographic. Affordable cost of living, and more. There are also multiple options for residency for those seeking a happier, more fulfilling life than being locked up at home.

What You Will Learn

Purchase this special report now and learn about Mexico’s Amnesty Visa program. We also cover the regular temporary and full-time residency options. This guide will also help you find answers to the following common questions:

  • Why should I move to Mexico?
  • Is Mexico safe?
  • What is the quality of healthcare?
  • How is the weather in Mexico?
  • What is the cost of living in Mexico?
  • Is Mexican culture welcoming to foreigners?

There are many options when it comes to residency in Mexico. If you are considering a move south of the border, we cover four options available to you. The tourist visa and a key point you need to request when you arrive in Mexico. The temporary and full-time residency options are the most common for expats. The recent Amnesty Visa program is a godsend for those already in Mexico without residency. Learn:

  • What is required for economic solvency for full-time and part-time residency.
  • The quirks of the Amnesty Visa program and who qualifies.
  • What questions you will be asked by immigration when applying for the amnesty program.

To find answers to these questions and learn how you might qualify for residency in Mexico, purchase “Mexico: Why Make the Move and the Amnesty Visa Program”. Charlotte Tweed tells her story and experience of applying for and qualifying for the Amnesty Visa program. In this special report, you will find the freedom you seek. Take the first step towards your Plan B and read this special report today.


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