Your Guide For Living and Investing in Belize

Author: Luigi Wewege


Are you considering living and/or investing in Belize? Then this book is for you.

Your Guide for Living and Investing in Belize covers crucial topics for the investor and the person looking to live and retire in the most affordable country in the Caribbean.

Here’s a taste of what you will learn in this 138 page special report eBook:

  • History of this fascinating, tiny country
  • Getting residency in Belize
  • Why Belize is a popular retirement destination
  • What you need to know about living and working in Belize
  • Tips to live better for less in Belize
  • The best places to live in Belize
  • Tips for purchasing real estate
  • Why astute people are investing in Belize
  • Advantages of offshore banking in Belize
  • Tax benefits and banking and investing in Belize
  • Top questions about offshore banking in Belize
  • Why Belize is the best location for offshore companies
  • Offshore asset protection benefits in Belize
  • The three best offshore asset structures in Belize

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