Roam Free: A Travel Transformation Memoir


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What would you do if, at the pinnacle of a career you adored, you were laid off? When up-and-coming travel blogger, Charlotte Tweed, was flung into the no-womans-land of debt and unemployment – she didn’t hide under the covers. She reinvented her life through travel!

Roam Free is a deeply personal and often hilarious travel memoir that pulls you in to the wild and woolly ride of Charlotte’s epic travel adventures. If you loved Peter Mayle’s A Year in Provence, you’ll delight in Roam Free’s sweetly innocent deep dive into a life of untethered long-term travel.

Charlotte learns that life as a full-time traveller and business owner is everything terrific and terrible she imagined it would be. Journey with Charlotte and her quirky, enigmatic husband, Darryl, on their surprising and mad-cap adventures of a lifetime. Be touched and entertained as they journey from job loss to personal transformation, with stops in the lands of grief, adult post-secondary education and frequent visits to the ever-surprising landscape of marriage.

Travel with them as they experience the world with fresh eyes and open minds. Learn how they survive driving on the high-speed German Autobahn. Discover what helps them stay happily married on a treacherous Egyptian tour, a meltdown in Jordan, and navigating the alpine lunch options in Italy.

With singular wit and openness, Tweed shares the rough and magical bumps in the road from unemployed to empowered. Roam Free weaves innocence, delicious international details and heartfelt insight into this often humorous  look at what it can mean to reimagine your life through travel.

Roam Free proves that it is truly never too late to reinvent yourself and hit the open road!


  • “I just finished your book. Congratulations on your book, your blogging career, and mostly on your courage to step out of the box then burn the damn box!! Your book is inspiring. Bravo.” – Irene Cabay  
  • “I purchased your book. It arrived today, and after getting through the first couple of chapters I just want to hug you. I’ve been there, been to “how am I going to do this?!? Ok, I have to work harder, I have to do a job I know is below my skill level…” I’m going to keep reading now. I knew I was your biggest fan for a reason. And this book has come to me with perfect timing.” – Amanda M.  
  • “I started reading your book today; I didn’t want to stop reading. Thoroughly enjoying it. So relatable.” – Dawn S.
  • Charlotte! During this time of isolation with COVID one of my to do things on my list was to read your book Roam Free. What an engaging insightful journey through your travels. I enjoyed every portion of the book and feel like I know you so much more. Your book flowed so smoothly and was very easy to read. Thank you for taking me along in your travels and I wish you nothing but success. And I like your definition of success. Roberta Leeder
  • I’m currently reading your book (only 20 pages left) and I’m really enjoying it 🙂 I also travelled to a couple of the same places as you so it’s so fun to hear it from your perspective! – Emma Berg
  • “I laughed out loud, I cried, I was intrigued, I was inspired. The way you bring the reader into the history and your journey in such a descriptive manner gave me chills and I even shed a few tears. Your book was such a great read – I feel blessed to work with you.” – Allissa Blondin, Copy Editor
  • “It has been such an honour and a privilege working with you Charlotte. You are a true story-teller and a gifted writer. I cannot wait to have the final book in my hands!” – Cari Frame, Structural Editor
  • “Charlotte, can you please write a fresh book? Finished the previous one (and loved it)!” – Johan Van Ginderen
  • “Hi Charlotte, have started reading your book on Kindle. Haven’t got very far but I already know that I am really going to enjoy it…  It is so well written- so happy and pleased for you! What a huge undertaking and such a wonderful accomplishment! Wow!” – Marjorie Anderson
  • “Up to chapter 4. Your book is amazing! I was going to wait for the paperback but glad I didn’t. Nice work!” – Daren Lang
  • “Got your book today. Immediately scrolled through to find my name… and had a good laugh!! Reading about Greece again. As much as I despised so much of that trip, I got a good laugh from it now.” – Sara Bellemore
  • “Fun read Charlotte! Your sense of humor shines through and your path is beautiful. Hope the book is a huge success.” – Matthew Kessi



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