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You are Invited to Join Escape Artist’s Exclusive, Interactive  

Offshore Investment Opportunities Webinar:


Now, You Can Learn Firsthand How to Turn the Covid Crash into Major Offshore Cash… Not Just for Today – But for Decades to Come!

[Please Note: This Exclusive Webinar Must be Limited to the First 250 Participants, so Sign Up Now to Reserve Your Seat]


Dear Savvy Investor,

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 Crash is devastating.

The toll it is taking in human life is horrible. And the economic toll is almost immeasurable.

But, if there is one thing we have learned from the history of economic turmoil, it is the absolute verity of John Kennedy’s oft-quoted observation:

“The Chinese sign for crisis has two symbols – one is for danger…

And the other is for opportunity.”

I wish I could lessen the danger of this crisis. I really do.

As a son of ageing parents and father of young children – perhaps, like yourself – there is nothing I would like more.

Unfortunately, I can’t.

But, what I can do, however — for you and a highly select group of other savvy investors — is expand the opportunities.

Not just marginally – but exponentially…

And not just today – but for years to come.

And that’s why I am writing to you today.

Right now, as never before, you have the rare offshore opportunity to buy lower…

And — at the time of your choosing — sell higher than most people would ever imagine possible.

Yes, I am talking about investing mere dimes to make dollars…

Hundreds to make thousands…

And thousands to quite possibly make multiple millions…

All in a wide variety of offshore markets that have never been more accessible, economical – or lucrative.

Let me explain…

Here’s How You Can Now Join a Select Group of Savvy Investors Who Could Soon Turn the Covid Crash into Substantial Cash – For Years to Come!

 [Please Note: This Opportunity Must be Limited to the First 250 Participants]


Please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Mikkel Thorup. I run Escape Artist, the oldest and largest offshore website in the world. Simply put, we tell you how to live large and invest offshore!

That said, there are a couple of things you probably should know about me – so that you will understand why this exclusive webinar can be so valuable for you.

Perhaps like you, I was definitely not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. In fact, I stopped going to school at age 12 – and by 15 had officially dropped out…

But, fortunately, I kept on learning – a lot!

One day, thank goodness, I got what one of my favourite authors, Louis L’amour, called the “yondering” urge…

Since then, I have spent more than 20 years in continual travel around the world, visiting more than 100 countries, living in 8 countries — and circumnavigating the planet more than 400 times.

And, as you might imagine, I learned a lot more along the way. And I felt a need to share this learning and acquired wisdom.

That’s why I wrote the best-selling book Expat Secrets – How To Pay Zero Taxes, Live Overseas & Make Giant Piles Of Money…

And, really, that’s what this exclusive, instructive, interactive Offshore Investment Opportunities Webinar is all about!

Now, I want you to make “giant piles of money”…

With the lowest possible risks…

And the highest possible returns.

I’ve been there. I’ve done that…

And now, I want to do the same for you!

That’s why I have brought together six of the most successful, impressive –and, yes, enthusiastic – offshore investment experts from throughout the world…

To tell you exactly how you could turn your offshore investment – of any size – into double-digit profits and windfall returns…

At a time when so many others are (quite understandably) fearful of the future, or sticking their money in a mattress.

 Where they see risk…

 I want you to see rewards.

 Where they see danger…

 I want you to see opportunity.

 And as a guy who has dedicated his life to helping others make “giant piles of money,” I want to be a firsthand witness as you turn that opportunity into income – now, and for decades to come!

 That’s why I want you to be among what I am calling the “Select 250” who take part in the upcoming exclusive Escape Artist “Offshore Investment Opportunities Webinar.”

So, let me tell you what you have in store!

By the End of this First-Time-Ever Webinar, You Will Know More about Offshore Investment Opportunities than Anyone Else in the Marketplace– and be Totally Prepared to Minimize Your Costs and Maximize Your Profits!

You will notice that I keep saying that this is a “First-Time-Ever” webinar –

And I want you to know why.

You see, most offshore investment seminars are specially geared to the very rich or well to do.

And I can assure you, we will have more than our share of those signing up in a heartbeat (so don’t let them beat you to the punch!).

Some of them are my good friends – and I already hear them knocking at the door and firing up their computers to be among the “Select 250.” Which is fine.

But, I have told every presenter in this exclusive webinar that I wanted this seminar to be geared to those who have some money – and want more…

Or who maybe find themselves with a little more than usual – and now want to know how to turn that more into much!

Sound like you?

Then take my advice and SIGN UP NOW—before all the seats are taken!!!

Here are the details:


This exclusive, interactive “Offshore Investment
Opportunities Webinar” goes live at…

10:00 a.m. (EDT) sharp on…
Saturday, May 9th

[And please remember, this exclusive webinar is strictly limited to the first 250
participants. So, don’t delay one minute more –


As soon as you click in, you’ll know you are about to cash in…

Because the topics we will cover over the webinar’s two and one-half fast-paced, fact-filled hours will fit your budget…

No matter where you want to start. –

Or end up!

Just take a look at what you are going to learn – first-hand, and in full:

  • Profitable Properties 1.0:  Your webinar experts will share their secrets about where you can find the most profitable properties in all of Central America — from the sunlit beaches of beautiful Belize to Panama’s autumnal town of Boquete. Whether you are looking for a vacation home, a retirement haven, or simply want to buy low to sell high, the properties, the prices – and the profits — have never been better!


  • How to Harvest Major Profits from Offshore Agriculture: Investing in offshore agriculture not only can be recession-proof – it can also be highly profitable. Central American exports now top nearly $50 billion a year. And with US farmland shrinking by nearly 1 million acres annually, you can expect that number to grow. Which may help explain why billionaires like Ted Turner, Jeremy Grantham, and even the Harvard Endowment are making major profits in offshore agriculture. Now, you can too!


  • Offshore Financial Strategies that Can Protect Your Assets, Lower Your Taxes, and Pay You Maximum Dividends: You’ll hear from a leading international bank executive on how and why moving your money offshore may be the wisest financial decision you will ever make – in terms of higher interest rates… annual payouts… asset security… and long-term wealth legacy building. Imagine getting to talk with a banker who has your interests at heart. Well, now you can!


  • The Best Investment Options to Meet Your Budget and Beat the Market: My fellow panellists and I have already surveyed the marketplace – and we have come up with a variety of options and opportunities to meet your every need. Some start as low as $10,000 (a few even less!)… And dozens – available now — fall within the $25,000 to $50,000 range. I promise you, each is a top-quality investment that projects a steady double-digit return!


  • The Baker’s Dozen of “Close-Them-Quick” Deals Reserved Exclusively for Webinar Attendees Only: I’ve told each of the Dream Team presenters to come with a minimum of two hotter-than-the-Caribbean-sol deals strictly reserved for you and your fellow “Select 250” attendees. These deals include features like below-market pricingmajor discounts… 0% (as in zip, zilch, nada) interest financing… and first options on new opportunities not yet even open to the public.

You will learn all of that – and much, much more – from friendly, well-informed – and genuine — offshore investment experts who have “been there, done that”…

 Have walked away with the exponential profits to show for it…

 And now, want to show you how, when, and where!

 So, don’t miss out…

 Simply SIGN UP HERE NOW – and you will be one of the Select 250 participants who takes part in the exclusive money-making, profit-taking Escape Artist “Offshore Investment Opportunities Webinar!

 Your Offshore Investment Dream Team Instructors Each Has
a Proven Track Record of Buying Low and Selling High –
And Soon They Will Show You How!

Now that I have told you what the experts are going to share with you…

Let me quickly tell you who they are –

Because, frankly, I think these are people you are going to want to get to know.

Each of them has a proven track record of buying low and selling high.

And equally important, each has the unique ability to explain what they do and how they do it in terms that even a first-time investor can quickly and easily understand.

So, you will walk away from this investment seminar with both knowledge – and know-how – to turn the current crash into major cash!

I guarantee it.

So, here, without further ado, here is your expert Escape Artist Dream Team of what I believe you will soon discover are new-found friends and confidants – ready to guide your tour of today’s top offshore investment opportunities:

  • Patrick Hiebert – Patrick is the Chief Operating Officer of ECI Development, a major resort and residential community developer throughout Latin America. After selling two software companies and acquiring financial freedom, he chose to settle in Central America, where he quickly acquired significant land holdings, including hotels, tour companies and restaurants — which he then grew at the astounding rate of 400% annually. Now, he wants to help you achieve that kind of total financial freedom for yourself!


  • Luigi Wewege – Luigi is the Senior Vice President of Caye International Bank, headquartered on beautiful Ambergris Caye in Belize. He has co-authored economic research presented before the U.S. Congress and currently teaches at the prestigious FinTech School. He holds an Italian MBA with a major in International Business, as well as a BSBA with a triple major in Finance, International Business, and Management from the University of Missouri. In short, now you can have your own personal, internationally renowned offshore banker!


  • Rachel Jensen – Rachel is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for ECI Development. An expert in agricultural investment, she structured the Teak for Residency Program in both Panama and Nicaragua to help those looking to pair up a residency with opportunities outside of their home countries. Rachel began diversifying in 2014 with an agricultural purchase, and then her first rental property at the age of 25. She holds her own Plan B residency in Panama. So, she can help you take advantage of offshore investments whether you’re among the young – or the young at heart!


  • Joel Nagel – Joel is the founder and managing partner of the international law firm of Nagel & Associates. The firm is Pittsburgh’s first law boutique focusing exclusively on international asset protection, estate planning and overseas commercial transactions. Among Joel’s remarkable successes is helping an investment group structure the 2,500-acre, Gran Pacificahotel resort complex in Nicaragua, and a three-acre boutique resort Joe’s firm’s motto is “We represent US capital abroad.” And now, he can help serve your interests as well!


  • Among Mr. Joel Nagel’s successes is structuring the 2,500-acre, Gran Pacifica hotel resort complex in Nicaragua for an investor group. He also has structured a three-acre boutique resort in Ambergris Caye, Belize; helped create the first African and Central American motorbus distribution facility for a major US bus line; and established worldwide financial institutions for banks, insurance companies, hedge funds and mutual funds abroad.


  • Mike Cobb – Predicting the burgeoning desire of North Americans to move south to sunnier climes, Mike, in 1996, formed Exotic Caye International, a mortgage company providing loans to property buyers. He later converted that company into Caye International Bank — and expanded it to provide the full realm of financial services. Mike is also the Chairman and CEO of ECI Development, with beautiful resort/residential communities in Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Argentina, and Panama. So, Mike can help you find the properties you want – and the financing you need!

I think you will agree, that is a true Dream Team of top experts – soon to be at your beck and call!

And the webinar will be hosted by my good friend, Carter Clews.

Carter has purchased several properties in Honduras, a country where the prices are low and the living is easy.

Most recently, he and his wife got an incredible deal on their newest property in the quaint community of El Calan Villanueva.

It’s a spacious three-bedroom, gated villa with a two-car garage, and a palm-tree-shaded veranda — within easy walking distance of the fresh fruit and vegetable market, and a short drive to the beach…

And he picked it up for (brace yourself) — $30,000!

Are you ready to track down those kinds of remarkable bargains for yourself?

And take full advantage of all of the other offshore investment tips, techniques, and trade secrets from the tried and true experts above?

Then, I urge you, don’t wait one more moment…

Be one of the Select 250 to SIGN UP NOW for the exclusive Escape Artist Offshore Investment Opportunities Webinar – and learn how to turn mere pennies into major profits!

Join me and this Select Group of Investment Experts for the Opportunity
of a Lifetime – and a Lifetime of Offshore Opportunities!

So there you have it – your exclusive invitation to become one of the “Select 250” at the offshore investment webinar that could absolutely change your financial future.

The truth is, tough times, like we are experiencing now, never last…

But smart investments do.

And that’s why I am urging you not to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

This is your chance to buy low and sell high at truly bargain prices…

Your chance to turn adversity to advantage as few others ever have.

In fact, as I was writing this letter to you, I couldn’t help but think back to the legendary John Templeton, and his own remarkable story of turning adversity to advantage.

Perhaps you already know it…

In 1939, John Templeton took a major chance.

America was still stuck in the depths of the Great Depression. And the stock market was in ruin (sound familiar?).

Most investors hoarded their money in hopes of keeping what little they had.

But, Templeton saw the rare opportunity to buy low…

With the future possibility of selling higher than most others thought even remotely possible.

So, he borrowed a few thousand dollars to buy 100 shares of every stock selling for less than one dollar — even when a third of the companies faced bankruptcy.

And just four years later, John Templeton made nearly a 400 percent return!

Right now, like John Templeton, you have the rare offshore opportunity to buy low – with the very real possibility of selling higher than most others can even imagine.

And a Dream Team of true experts is standing by to show you exactly how!

They’ll guide your steps…

They’ll answer your questions…

And they will share with you their own intimate secrets for turning dimes into dollars –

In an offshore marketplace brimming with the most lucrative investment opportunities, any of us have ever seen.

And that’s saying something!

So, please, set aside the time and SIGN UP NOW, for:

The exclusive, interactive
Offshore Investment Opportunities Webinar

 Saturday, May 9th, 2020

 10:00 to 12:30 a.m. (EDT) 

 [And please remember, this exclusive webinar must be strictly limited to the first 250 participants. So, don’t delay one minute more – sign up now.]

Right now, when so many others are victims of the economy, you can be victorious over the economy…

When others are downtrodden, you can be among the Select 250 who turn the downturn into an upsurge!

So, I urge you, don’t miss out on this exclusive, one-time opportunity.  


I can’t wait to hear from you!




Mikkel Thorup

Escape Artist


PS: The Dream Team of offshore investment gurus we have brought together for this exclusive Offshore Investment Opportunities Webinar usually charge $500… $1000… $1500 an hour — or more – for the inside information they are about to share with you.

And frankly, it would be a bargain at twice the price!

But, I believe that their unique insights are so vitally important to your financial future right now that I don’t want you to pay half that. Or, or even a quarter of it. So…

Take advantage of this early-bird, one-time offer now, and I will lock in your exclusive Webinar admission as one of the “Select 250” participants for the incredibly low price of just $99. 

That’s right — a $6000-plus value… yours for just $99 if you register now!

At a time when many predict the US stock market will be Bullish (read “Very High Risk”) for six months, 12 months, 18 months – or even more – you’ll quickly learn…

  • How to purchase valuable offshore properties for pennies on the dollar…
  • How to invest in offshore commodities that could soon explode in value as US demand skyrockets…
  • How to protect your assets from the ravishes the US economy is expected to endure for years to come…
  • How to build an offshore low-risk, high-return nest egg that could dwarf stock market returns for years to come…
  • And much, much more!

So, please, join me for this vitally important webinar at 10:00 sharp on Saturday, May 9th, for the opportunity of a lifetime – and a lifetime of opportunities!


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