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Escape Artist Insiders magazine is a monthly magazine that offers over 60 pages of articles and information written for expats living and working abroad; by experienced expatriates who are living the lifestyle.

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“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

Mae West

Let’s Bust a Common Myth
About the Expat Lifestyle

You do not need to be wealthy—or even well off—to live the good life offshore.
In fact, each and every month, our Insiders get the offshore inside scoop on…

Only a small percentage of the population even knows these incredible offshore opportunities exist.
And yet, every day, more and more Americans and Canadians are looking for an offshore escape route from the skyrocketing prices,
soaring taxes, overregulation, and divisive politics that have become a bane of their every day existence.

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At Escape Artist Insiders magazine, we have revealed locations to our readers where they can…

Living an offshore dream life is no longer just the exclusive option of the rich and famous.

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As an Escape Artist Insider, you’ll get the upfront, inside track on not just where to live offshore…but, how to live as well!
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  • How to obtain a legal residency in over 22 countries – a Plan B residency that guarantees you an ironclad, foolproof escape route should the U.S. and Canadian economic and political landscapes continue to deteriorate and put you at risk.
  • How to setup a successful business overseas – to help you minimize your taxes, multiply your profits, and build a thriving business without all the red tape, rules, restrictions, and regulations handcuffing small business in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Which countries welcome foreigners with open arms – and offer special benefits that cut the cost of living, open new avenues of opportunity, and provide special incentives to homesteading expats.
  • Where you can find under-the-radar offshore locations with sky-high future investment returns – like Nicaragua, Belize, El Salvador…countries that are quickly becoming like Costa Rica in the 1990s. And now, you can get in early!
  • How to invest or retire offshore with cryptocurrencies – in countries that are taking the lead in shedding reserve dollar dictates and opening vast new areas of opportunity in the new world of alternative tender.

If quality of life is important to you, there are hidden seaside gems in Central America… mountaintop retreats in South America… and European cosmopolitan cities abounding with Old World culture and enticing events.

Time after time, Escape Artist Insiders magazine Insiders have discovered these inviting, exciting locales and vastly improved their quality of life…

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  • Expert advice on how to legally and legitimately take full advantage of offshore U.S. and Canadian tax breaks … while saving thousands of dollars a year on property and income taxes in offshore havens where your cash is still your stash!…
  • Vital information on where and how to get a second passport or permanent residency in countries where your escape route could make all the difference in the world between bunkering down and breathing free…
  • All you need to know about offshore low-priced, high-quality healthcare that meets—or beats!—U.S. and Canadian standards… without the hassle… and with the kind of personal care Big Med long since left by wayside instead of the bedside!…
  • Plus, fact-filled, cash-cow articles on how to start your own offshore online business… where to invest internationally for an ROI that is OMG! … and what the true experts are saying about offshore cryptocurrency opportunities…

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