Your Monthly Insider Guide to Living the Good Life at a Great Price… in the Land of Your Dreams!

Get the upfront, inside scoop on where YOU can dream big—and live large—for pennies on the dollar!

Here’s how you can live or retire offshore—for $2,000 a month—with plenty of money left over for all of the frills and thrills!

Have you ever thought about living or retiring offshore… that’s right, in the sun, sand, and surf… where the living is easy, and the prices are low…

But you just didn’t know where to start, how to do it… or if you could really afford it?

Well, then, I have good news for you.

Because now you can join a select group of offshore enthusiasts who have the upfront, inside scoop on where you can dream big—and live large—for pennies on the dollar!

At Escape Artist, we call them the “Insiders.

In just a moment, I’ll reveal to you who they are… all the incredible offshore advantages they enjoy…

And how you can join them at your leisure—for your pleasure—where the sun never sets on the good life at a great price!

So, first, let me introduce myself. I’m Charlotte Tweed, an expat living this great life. Every day. What you read about in Escape Artist, is what I do. Let me share this wonderful lifestyle with you.

Let’s start off with a revelation that busts a myth.

You ready?

You no longer need to be wealthy—or even well off—to live the good life offshore. In fact, each and every month, our Insiders get the offshore inside scoop on…

  • Pocket-change paradise Caribbean islands where you can live like a prince (or princess) on even a pauper’s pittance… close to the white sand beach and far from the madding crowd—for as little as $2,000 a month, all expenses included…
  • Hideaway, getaway offshore towns and villas with tree-lined streets, fresh food markets, pristine homes, and warm, friendly neighbors… where you can live a simple, carefree life in your own gorgeous hacienda—all for under $100,000…
  • Quaint, colonial downtown neighbourhoods where you can join artists, writers, and bon vivants to savour the laidback life, frequent the finest restaurants, converse at the corner bar, explore the art galleries, and attend the finest of entertainment events—for as little at $1,800 a month, all in, extras included.

Only a small percentage of the population even knows these incredible offshore opportunities exist.

And yet, every day, more and more Americans and Canadians are looking for an offshore escape route from the skyrocketing prices, soaring taxes, over regulation, and divisive politics that have become a bane of their everyday existence.

They are looking for a return to the unencumbered, affordable, fun-filled, and carefree lifestyle they once enjoyed…

And can no longer find—or afford—in the land they once loved.

Perhaps you are one of them…

And, if so, it’s time for you to become an Insider!

So, let me ask you…

  • Are you able to work remotely? In the pages of Escape Artist Insiders magazineas an Insider, you’ll learn how you can explore unlimited offshore options—and live like a millionaire on a $40k per year salary… or even less!  
  • Living off social security or a pension and barely getting by? Then maybe it’s time to trade in your expensive insurance, property tax, and high cost of living in the U.S. and Canada for an offshore opulent lifestyle once only believed to be available to the super rich!
  • Have an investment cash flow of two or three thousand dollars a month? Well, as an Insider, you’ll find is more than enough to live like royalty where the cost of living is a third (or less!) of what you’re paying now… the luxuries are affordable—and taxes are pocket change! 

And, if so, it’s time for you to become an Insider!

At Escape Artist Insiders magazine, we have revealed locations to our readers where they can…

  • Rent a three-bedroom home in a colonial Caribbean city and ascend to their private balcony to watch a sepia sunset over a soaring volcanic mountain. A couple or a family could live comfortably there for $1,750/month.  And much less for a single person. There, top notch healthcare costs under $100/month. And you can have a fulltime maid and personal chef for less than $200 a month total. 
  • Own a beachfront home in a gated, guarded community with all the modern conveniences and the easy ambiance of the Latin American lifestyle. On-the-ocean homes that would cost half a million dollars in Florida—and a million or more in California—are available to you for as little as $100,000 (or less). And beachside restaurants feature a menu of $5 meals and $2 vintage wines. 
  • Take full possession of a rustic, off-the-grid home in a beautiful rainforest setting, right on the banks of pristine, sweet water river, only 15 minutes from the Caribbean. The home has two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a dining room, with a porch overlooking the nearby river. Complete with a boathouse—and it’s all yours for well under $80,000. 

So, you see, living a Caribbean dream life is no longer just the exclusive option of the rich and famous. Not anymore.

Oh, they’re still there—but now you can be as well…

For pennies on the dollar…

With the exclusive insights and outsourcing of your monthly Escape Artist Insiders magazine!

You get all of that – and yet, there’s more…

Anyone—Including YOU—Can Now Afford

This Endless Summer Luxurious Lifestyle

Your Escape Artist Insiders magazine gives you all the above options and opportunities—every single month—plus much, much more.

You see, as an Escape Artist Insider, you’ll get the upfront, inside track on not just where to live offshore… but, how to live as well!

Every month, your Escape Artist Insiders magazine will provide you with the full details about:

  • How to obtain a legal residency in over 22 countries – a Plan B residency that guarantees you an ironclad, foolproof escape route should the U.S. and Canadian economic and political landscapes continue to deteriorate and put you at risk. 
  • How to setup a successful business overseas – to help you minimize your taxes, multiply your profits, and build a thriving business without all the red tape, rules, restrictions, and regulations handcuffing small business in the U.S. and Canada. 
  • Which countries welcome foreigners with open arms — and offer special benefits that cut the cost of living, open new avenues of opportunity, and provide special incentives to homesteading expats. 
  • Where you can find under-the-radar offshore locations with sky-high future investment returns – like Nicaragua, Belize, El Salvador… countries that are quickly becoming like Costa Rica in the 1990’s. And now, you can get in early! 
  • How to invest or retire offshore with cryptocurrencies – in countries that are taking the lead in shedding reserve dollar dictates and opening vast new areas of opportunity in the new world of alternative tender. 

Let’s face it… The reality is that there has never been a better time—or, perhaps, a more urgent time—for you to explore your offshore and overseas options.

If quality of life is important to you, there are hidden seaside gems in Central America… mountaintop retreats in South America… and European cosmopolitan cities abounding with Old World culture and enticing events.

Time after time and again, Escape Artist Insiders magazine Insiders have discovered these inviting, exciting locales and vastly improved their quality of life…

It’s true that once upon a time, many of the countries and communities you’ll explore in your Insiders Magazine were “faraway places with strange-sounding names,” way off the beaten path.

But in today’s wired world, the “middle of nowhere” is now milliseconds away!

With high-speed internet, streaming video, and modern conveniences, those faraway places are now as near as your laptop… or that handheld device in the palm of your hand!

Just imagine…

In a world where click and modem have replaced brick and mortar…

You can enjoy a cup of coffee in Tegucigalpa—while catching up on the news from Tuscaloosa to Timbuktu…

You can sip a Jimmy Buffett Margarita at a beachside bar in Montevideo—while tuning into March Madness, mixed martial arts, or gridiron mayhem thousands of miles away…

You can bury your toes in the Caribbean sand, soaking up the year-round sun—while video chatting with friends and family trapped back home (and wishing they weren’t!).

And, as an Escape Artist Insider, you can read about it all in your fast-paced, fact-packed, full-color Escape Artist Insiders magazine!

Online, offshore times have changed for the better—and what was never possible before is now within anyone’s easy reach..

Soon, including yours!

So, I want you to ask yourself this…

If Money Were No Object, Where Would You Want to Live?
And Then, Let Your Escape Artist Insiders Magazine Show You How to Do It!

  • Think you’d love living in a mountaintop retreat?
  • Ever dreamed of owning an oceanfront villa?
  • You like the thought of a vibrant college town teeming with intellectual excitement?
  • Or a penthouse apartment with a breathtaking view of a quaint colonial city?

At a price you can easily afford!

And your Escape Artist Insiders magazine is your personal guidebook to the life of your dreams.

Whatever your own mental image is of where you want to be… well, now, it can be…

Because your Escape Artist Insiders magazines open up the options for everyone… to everywhere… anytime you’re ready to make your move—each and every month!

Perhaps, your $1,500 social security check can’t get you the laidback lifestyle you long for in the rolling Kentucky countryside that has now become forbiddingly expensive…

Maybe, your modest 401K or RRSP can’t buy your beachfront dream home you thought could one day be yours on the now-too-costly Florida coast…

Or, just perchance, that the nest egg you saved up for your “Golden Years” is no longer enough to help you buy that smalltown cottage you had hoped would help you escape from urban decay and rising crime.

Today in the U.S. and Canada dreams dashed by rising prices have become a tragic tale of paradise lost, haven’t they?

But, the good news for you is that in the right places—and with the right guidance—offshore or overseas, you can now have all that you have longed for, dreamed of, and know you would love…

At a price you can afford…

In a place you can enjoy…

Without thinking twice about the price.

Now you can have it all—as an exclusive Escape Artist Insider!

So, if you are ready to take that first step towards living the good life at a great price… If you’re ready to think big and live large…

Then, I urge you to join thousands of other Escape Artist Insider magazine readers and take out an Insider subscription to the life of your dreams!

As Kiplinger’s Personal Finance says, “For retirees with a sense of adventure and a taste for the good life—even if they lack a bank account to match—a change in latitude might be the perfect plan.”

And for you as an Insider, those “changes in latitude, changes in attitude” have never been easier—or more affordable—than they are now!

Now You Can Trade Up—and Spend Less—Offshore…
With Insider Magazine’s Money Maximizing Strategies!

Many retirees in the U.S. and Canada are forced to severely downsize in order to protect their nest egg and preserve their meager savings.

And in many ways, that’s very sad, isn’t it?

Perhaps you’ve seen it for yourself among friends and family: A much smaller home, too tiny even for some of their most treasured possessions… A mundane, lonely lifestyle… Doing without, not just luxuries, but basic necessities.

But, now, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Not for you.

And not for those you love.

Because in every issue, your Escape Artist Insiders magazine shows you how to find the home of your dreams… at a price you can afford… and a lifestyle you will love!

Are You Ready to Take Your First Step Towards Living
The Good Life at a Great Price in the Land of Your Dreams?

Are you ready to join thousands of other Escape Artist Insiders—and explore the good life at a great price that beckons you from offshore hideaways, hangouts, havens (and hammocks!)…

And from the colourful, captivating pages of Escape Artist Insiders magazine?

In short, are you ready to start living the life of your dreams?

If what I have shared with you so far appeals to you—and I have a feeling it does—then I am absolutely certain you will enjoy—and highly value—the in-depth offshore coverage Escape Artist Insiders magazine brings directly to your inbox each and every month.

In each and every issue, as an Insider, you’ll find:

  • Upfront, inside information about where you can pay pocket-change, pin-money prices for luxurious homes on the beach… in the mountains… off the grid… and along the picturesque promenades of quaint and captivating old-town hideaways… 
  • Expert advice on how to legally and legitimately take full advantage of offshore U.S. and Canadian tax breaks … while saving thousands of dollars a year on property and income taxes in offshore havens where your cash is still your stash!… 
  • Vital information on where and how to get a second passport or permanent residency in countries where your escape route could make all the difference in the world between bunkering down and breathing free… 
  • All you need to know about offshore low-priced, high-quality healthcare that meets—or beats!—U.S. and Canadian standards… without the hassle… and with the kind of personal care Big Med long since left by wayside instead of the bedside!… 
  • Plus, fact-filled, cash-cow articles on how to start your own offshore online business… where to invest internationally for an ROI that is OMG! … and what the true experts are saying about offshore cryptocurrency opportunities… 

You will find all of that—and much, much more—in each and every issue… only and always in your Escape Artist Insiders magazine!

That is why I am urging you now to take a first-hand, risk-free look at Escape Artist Insiders magazine at the absolute lowest price it has ever been offered.

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Charlotte Tweed

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