Inflation Opportunity


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Fortunately, investing in a higher inflation world does not preclude positive returns.

Today’s economic environment is constantly evolving and these changes are happening at an increasing rate.

Attend this informative seminar hosted by Kirk Chisholm, Wealth Manager and Principal at Innovative Advisory Group (IAG) and Rich Checkan, President of Asset Strategies International.

Change is inevitable in every aspect of our lives. In today’s fast-moving environment, change may not always be welcomed but it is expected.

In this highly worthwhile seminar “Inflation Opportunity”, you will learn that it is vital to keep a close watch to identify potential opportunities that abound during these inflationary times.

The Economics of Inflation

The current outbreak of price inflation does not come by accident or because of external shocks.

What is inflation, how is it measured,and why are we having inflation right now?

  • Supply chain
  • Not money printing… maybe 3% is attributed

Because of stubborn inflation, it will force the Fed to take more extreme steps than it has to date. Market turmoil continues Market and FED response to inflation fears. What is the fed going to do?

  • Recession or hyper inflation

Deviations in the inflation rate presents challenges for investors, as well as consumers. How to protect yourself.

  • What is different now?
  • How to think about this new paradigm
  • What can you do to prepare

Where experts recommend you should put your money during an inflation surge. Several asset classes perform well in inflationary environments.

  • What to invest in, what to avoid
  • Where will the opportunities be

Investors may continue to see volatility as markets recalibrate to the new normal, and geopolitical concerns.

Gold’s correlation to inflation going forward compared to other financial assets.


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