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The Mother Of All Gold Bull Markets

Dear Fellow Investor,

In the midst of some of the worst days in the stock market recently — days when the drops in the Dow were measured in thousands of points — something quite unusual happened.

Not surprisingly, it escaped the notice of every financial media pundit.

But not us. And this is why I’m writing to you now.

You see, even while every other sector was crashing, gold mining stocks were soaring.

Now, it only lasted for a couple of days, but it was enough to show that investors are ready to jump into this sector.

There’s more: The physical gold and silver market is on absolute fire. Demand has surged to a degree rarely if ever seen before. My sources are reporting that virtually all available supplies of gold and silver bullion in the United States have been snapped up. All deliveries are on a delayed basis, and only if the mints can ramp up production.

So is this the turn in the gold market?

In my view, it’s close enough. As I told my Gold Newsletter Alert readers the other day as the selling reached indiscriminate levels, “It is of such capitulation that market bottoms are formed.”

And I’m putting my money where my mouth is, putting orders in for a half dozen of the top junior mining stocks recommended right now in Gold Newsletter.

These companies are selling for as little as a third of where they were just a few weeks ago. At that point, I thought every one of them had the potential to triple from those levels.

You get the math. If/when the markets get back to some semblance of normal in a few months, these companies could be selling for close to 10 times their current levels.

I say that because a few of these companies are exciting exploration plays that are either drilling right now or will be over the summer. These are some of the best drill targets I’ve seen in years, and if they hit pay dirt then all bets are off.

These could rank among the biggest winners in our near 50-year history, especially from current price levels.

I’m also bullish for another reason: The mother of all gold bull markets is about to begin.

“Dialing It To 11”

If you watched any of my media interviews or read any of my commentaries over the past year, you know I’ve been predicting that central banks were going to break all records in terms of zero (even negative) interest rate policies, quantitative easing and — new this time — major fiscal spending programs.

As recently as a couple of weeks ago, I predicted that central bankers would have to “dial it to 11” in this interview.

Over the past few days, we’ve seen it all come to pass. And let me tell you, while I fully expected the degree of the rescue operations…the speed of these moves has been nothing short of amazing.

What I expected to develop over months has come over only a few days. Zero interest rates…unlimited quantitative easing programs…$2.2 trillion in stimulus spending (and a proposal to double that with an infrastructure program)…and an array of unprecedented fiscal measures, including checks sent directly to U.S. citizens.

This is money creation like we’ve never seen before. You and I know that the federal debt situation was already out of control — to a degree that demanded a major devaluation of the dollar.

And the size of the debt also required negative interest rates on a real, inflation-adjusted basis. Otherwise the cost of servicing the monumental debt would crater the federal budget.

Now the debt is set to grow at a rate far greater than even we expected. And there’s no doubt that this is going to spawn the greatest gold bull market we’ve ever seen.

I know that might seem like a crazy prediction. But think about it: We’ve never seen debt and money creation like this before. And we’ve never seen the absolute necessity of a dollar depreciation to this degree.

What We Need To Do Now

We’re going to see additional bad news come down on the coronavirus pandemic in the days ahead. And I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of the down days in U.S. stocks or the metals.

But the recent positive moves in gold and mining stocks make it apparent that investors are ready to jump into these markets as this great monetary tsunami gathers strength.

The fact that silver has yet to move also tells me that we’re still in the earliest stages of the rebound. We have time to get positioned, but we have to move now…while these multi-year bargain levels still abound.

I continue to recommend physical metals at this absurdly low price levels. The problem is that supplies have been overwhelmed and premiums are soaring. Good luck finding what you can.

We can fill our bids on gold mining stocks, however, and that’s what I’m doing right now.

The Metals Investor’s Best Friend
— Through Every Crisis And Every Opportunity —
For Half A Century

Gold Newsletter is the world’s oldest and most respected advisory on precious metals and mining stocks.

It was the first such publication, founded by my friend and mentor Jim Blanchard on the day that Nixon cut the dollar’s last tie to gold in 1971.

Over the decades since, we’ve operated at the epicenter of the metals and mining industry, steering our readers safely through every crisis, pitfall and cycle…and pointing them to the most exciting stocks to leverage the gains in gold and silver.

Our track record boasts more five, 10 and 20-for-one winners than we can count. We’ve made more money for more investors than any other publication in the sector.

In short, if you’re serious about making money in this next, great gold bull market that’s just beginning, you need to read Gold Newsletter.

And it’s never been easier or more affordable to do so.

You see, in light of the coronavirus pandemic…the extraordinary economic stimulus it has engendered and the unprecedented investment opportunities that are resulting…

…I’m offering investors a limited opportunity to subscriber to Gold Newsletter at half-price.

While others are paying $198/year to subscribe, you can get a full year of our monthly market coverage, including our top stock picks, for just $99.

And there’s more: If you want my weekly, blow-by-blow commentary on the markets, plus late-breaking stock recommendations, I’m also going to extend a deep discount on our ultra-exclusive Gold Newsletter Alert Service.

Simply click the button below to take advantage of this limited offer now.

All the best,

Brien Lundin
Editor, Gold Newsletter
CEO, the New Orleans Investment Conference

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