Flag Theory Video-Course


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Flag Theory Video-Course

Would you like to know how to triple your money, save yourself a heap of paperwork, and live a freer life? 


Don’t you hate working for the State, funding their expenses, giving them information about what you do, and, in addition to tolerating all their bureaucracy, having to follow their imposed rules under heavy penalties and fines?

What if I told you that you can live with a third of the money you need now and at the same time earn double or triple what you currently earn?

That you can live in a place where they do not monitor you and your money, or where you don’t have to give them at least half of what you earn.

What if I told you that you can create a business structure that protects you from fines and legal problems. Or that you can start without registering, having to bookkeep, pay lots of taxes or let anyone tell you how to run your own business.

Financial and personal freedom isn’t only accessible to the rich or fortunate. In our video course, we will show you why it is so, and more important, how to get there.


Our Video Course On Flag Theory Will Show You:

  • How to increase your profits by leaving less money on the table.
  • How you can devote yourself to what really matters and have less bureaucracy
  • And also how to find a place where you can live how you want and be free.
  • Of course, all of this is 100% legal and legitimate!


What This Course Will Help You With

  • You will multiply your profits and reduce your work because you will legally stop paying taxes.
  • You will move faster towards your financial freedom.
  • You will be less stressed and can devote yourself to what really matters in your life and business since you will not have to fight bureaucracy and lots of regulations.
  • It will help you find a place where you can live how you want.
  • You will feel better because you will no longer care what politicians and others do with your money.
  • You will act morally, you will stop supporting the oppression of the poorest States and the surveillance of your fellow citizens with your tax money.

This course on Flag Theory also includes a section about gaining second nationalities. We will tell you the options you have to get a second passport, which will give you greater mobility and security when working in the world.


Who Is This Course For?

This course is NOT for you if you have or are looking for a permanent job which does not let you move, nor if you are unwilling to leave your home country.

This course is specifically designed for entrepreneurs, digital nomads, investors and travellers who are not tied down and can move themselves or their businesses anywhere in the world.

Important! You do not need to continuously travel, you just need enough freedom to be able to change your current place of residence once.

That said, you can perfectly stay the whole year in the same country (a well-chosen one) and take advantage of what you learned in this course.


Flag Theory Course Index


I 1.    Flag Theory

I 2.    Perpetual Travelling

I 3.    How to become a PT

I 4.    How to stay a PT

II 1.   Tax Systems Worldwide

II 2.   CFC-Rules Worldwide

II 3.   Capital Gains and Crypto Tax

II 4.   Taxation Approaches and Countries

III 1.  Immigration Requirements and Residency Types

III 2.  EU Non-Dom Countries

III 3.  Portugal NHR

III 4.  Cyprus Non-Dom

III 5.  Georgia, UAE and Malaysia

III 6.  Costa Rica, Panama and Paraguay

III 7.  Other interesting countries

III 8.  EU Temporary and Permanent Residence

IV 1.  Citizenships Introduction

IV 2.  Economic Citizenship and Naturalisation

V  1. Foreign Companies – Pro and Contra

V  2. CFC Rules and Economic Substance

V  3. Onshore vs Offshore

V  4. Business banking and payment

V  5. Asset Protection and Information Exchange

V  6. Holding Structures

V  7. Value-added tax in the EU

V  8. Double Irish Dutch Sandwich

VI 1.  Limited Partnerships in EU, UK and Canada

VI 2.  USA LLCs and Corporations

VI 3.  Estonia and Cyprus

VI 4.  UAE, Georgia and Offshore



What’s Included?

  • 4 introductory Videos
  • 4 Videos about tax systems worldwide
  • 8 Videos about the best residency solutions
  • 2 Videos about citizenship options
  • 8  Videos about company structuring and banking
  • 4 Videos about the best company solutions
  • Fully up to date: the latest expertise as of October 2019
  • 7 and a half hours packed with useful information



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: But, is it not illegal to set up companies abroad?

A: Of course not. It is not even illegal if you stay at home, although in this case having the business abroad does not have as many advantages.


Q: I have always thought that strategies to optimize or avoid taxes are for large companies

A: As it turns out, no. As a small entrepreneur, you have simple and cheap options to avoid taxes legally, options that large companies can only dream of.


Q: Did they not tell us that you always have to pay taxes?

A: Yes, in most countries they make us believe that we always have to pay taxes, but this is not true. There are many countries where you do not pay taxes, especially if you have your income online or outside of the country.


Q: And what if one day I want to return to my home country?

A: Well, nothing. You can go home and be happy. You will not have any problems or have to pay taxes for the years you have been away as long as you take into account what we tell you in the course.


Q: How can I know that this works?

A: On the one hand the authors of the Tax Free Today blog live what they preach, on the other hand, we have helped hundreds of people to take the steps that we describe in the course.


Q: Is it not very complicated and risky to do all this?

A: You could ask your grandparents about it, because they may have already applied something similar to what we teach in this course. Actually the Flag Theory is not something so revolutionary, it is something that a lot of our grandparents did: go where they best treat you, emigrate to the countries where they could be freer and get a better life for themselves and their families. The only difference between them and you is that today we have the internet and that you can now reach the other country as an entrepreneur, instead of a jobless migrant who does not even speak the language.


Q: Is it worth buying this course?

A: Do the math, how much money did you pay in tax returns last year? How much do you pay monthly to social security? Does putting an end to funding the system and living your life as you want have a price? Of course, if you are not willing to move from your home country then this course will not work for you.


Q: It is already difficult to set up a company at home, won’t doing it abroad be much more difficult?

A: No, it is not more difficult to set up the company abroad. In fact, there are countries and options that do not force you to set up any sort of company in order to start selling your products or services. There are also countries where you do not have to do bookkeeping for your company.


Q: To take advantage of the international structures and guides proposed by this course, do I not need to have a lot of income?

A: You can also take advantage of this course if you have little income, moreover, it shows you ways to live and start your business with very, very little. Much less than what you would need in your home country.


Q: If I leave my home country, am I not going to lose my rights or nationality?

A: No, if you leave your home country, you do not lose your rights, nor your nationality. Of course, you will not receive the help or subsidies you may have there.


Q: I am NOT a digital nomad, can this course help me?

A: The course is designed for people who are not tied down anywhere, so it can help anyone who has freedom of movement and has no problem moving their place of residence. In other words, you can move only once and then live there for as long as you want. You don’t need to live like a nomad.


Q: Will I have access to later versions of the course?

A: Yes, the payment also entitles you to later versions.


Q: Can I emigrate to another country without anyone’s help?

A: This depends entirely on your nationality and the country you want to emigrate to. Immigration conditions and procedures are in some cases very easily satisfied, but in others can make the support of a local agency or lawyer essential.


Q: How up to date is the information?

A: The course covers 5 years of experience with Flag Theory and Perpetual Travelling. The contents contain the latest available information as of October 2019, often with an outlook on what may happen in the future.



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