Expat Secrets: How To Pay Zero Taxes, Live Overseas & Make Giant Piles of Money


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In this #1 Best Selling Book Mikkel Thorup draws on his 20+ years of overseas experience to bring you an easy to understand guide for living overseas, saving money on taxes, obtaining a second passport and travelling the world as an Expat.

This book will save you years of trial and error and will give you a comprehensive blueprint to planting flags around the globe as a PT (Previous Taxpayer, Permanent Tourist, Perpetual Traveller).

Expat Secrets is filled with timeless knowledge stemming from Mikkel Thorup’s travels to more than 100 countries to bring you a No-BS approach to the offshore markets.

If Secret Vaults in Asia, Offshore Bank Accounts in Belize, Hardwood Plantations in Central America, Real Estate in China and Business Class Travel around the world excite you then this is the book for you.

The book covers controversial topics like:

  • Offshore Incorporation
  • Eliminating Your Tax Bill
  • Private Banking
  • International Gold & Silver Vaults
  • Residency in a Tax-Free Country
  • Obtaining a Second Passport
  • Global Asset Protection
  • Owning Foreign Real Estate

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Mikkel Thorup hosts the popular podcast The Expat Money Show and has interviewed successful entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders like Jim Rogers, Doug Casey, Richard Maybury, Jeff Berwick, Bobby Casey and John Perkins.

Download The Expat Money Show for free on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Google Podcasts or anywhere popular podcasts are found.

See what others in the offshore markets are saying about Expat Secrets:

“In ‘Expat Secrets’ Mikkel elegantly describes the many benefits that accrue to those that choose their country of residence and provides practical and timely tips and examples for doing so… this book is a game changer!” – Gregor Gregersen, Founder of Silver Bullion Pte Ltd.

“A huge thanks to Mikkel for a clearly written, concise description of the international experience as lived by a true global pioneer.   Especially refreshing is the chapter on the benefits of raising children overseas. As the father of two 3rd culture kids, I can personally assure you that no education expands the mind more than growing up overseas.” –  Michael K. Cobb – Chairman and CEO – ECI Development

“Having incorporated hundreds of companies for clients over the last 7 years, this book is very helpful for those that are starting out” Edmund John Lowell – Founder, FlagTheory | Incorporations


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