Escape To The United Arab Emirates


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Escape To The United Arab Emirates

A Comprehensive Guide Book For Expat-Hopefuls And Foreigners Who Are Seeking To Make The Move To Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Or Anywhere Else In The UAE


Considering moving to the UAE? Confused about its culture and language and people? The UAE is a tricky place—a kind of a paradox. So much is known about it and yet unknown. It is often confused for other countries, and, sometimes, it gets a bad rap. Most people know that it has oil and Dubai lies within it—but what about the economy? The law of the land? The government? The visa and residency procedures? What should you expect going in, how should you dress, and how well will you be received there? Is the UAE the ideal location for a new job or moving with your current employer. Will you be comfortable there or is it too expensive? Can you settle down with your family there?

This book undertakes the task of answering these and other similar questions. With nearly nine million expats in the federation, non-Emiratis outnumber Emiratis by and large. Such a magnitude of non-Emiratis indicates that the UAE must be a great place to work in as an expat.

Over the years, the UAE has transformed from a relatively unknown, quiet place to an oil-rich economic hub that is fueled by fuel and tourism. Its tax-free stature and colourful heterogeneous society attract quite the crowd from all over the world.

Although an Islamic country, it is one of the most liberal in the region, one that tolerates other beliefs. Its firms and companies have heavy investments abroad, which makes trade and business lucrative in the region. Its economic stability is also a major reason why many people want to move here.

As an expat, some of the things you might find difficult about moving to the UAE are the expenses (it is one of the more expensive expat havens), the state religion and some of its laws, and the monarchy. All of this has been covered in this book.  Additionally, you will find a detailed account of the country’s history, policies, legislature, culture, and procedures on a need-to-know basis. We hope that by the time you are done reading this guide, you will have a clear idea in mind about the kind of life you’re going to live in the UAE as an expat.

A comprehensive guide book for expat-hopefuls and foreigners who are seeking to make the move to the UAE, you can find herein all there is to know about making the move.



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