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Get the sophisticated intel on how and where you can and should start your Plan B Escape Route from solutions-based, factual, real-life situations!

Escape Artist Insiders magazine provides:

  • Insights on investing in international real estate from the top Central America land development company on earth. 
  • The best residency and citizenship options where you can protect your greatest asset—YOU! 
  • Asset protection strategies from the world’s top international attorney.
  • Real-life expat lifestyle adventures from people living your dream.
  • Personal, exclusive interviews with international business owners, leaders, and explorers.
  • Where and how to set up international bank accounts to secure your freedom, preserve your wealth, and protect your financial security.
  • Insightful articles from philosophical freedom-thinkers teach you how to develop yourself and your mind.
  • Discover where you can buy and store gold internationally with our asset strategies experts, even as a digital nomad.
  • Truthful articles about today’s issues and how you can protect your mind, body, and soul.
  • How to prepare yourself for the cryptocurrency and digital world to come from blockchain accountants and those pioneers forging the path in the crypto world.
  • Where you can save boatloads of money on healthcare in Central and South America AND have a better overall healthcare experience.

All this and more to help you along your international journey…

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Expat Lifestyle

This isn’t a vacation, it’s your life. 

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ― Mae West

Learn how to:

  • Choose a country 
  • Get yourself settled and find your bearings 
  • Find a place to live 
  • Meet like-minded people and make friends 
  • Build a new life in a better climate at half the price. 

Digest the stories on what to do and what not to do—share the tears, fears, and laughter along the way.

Smell the street food as a new life takes you down to the markets where tacos sizzle on the grill. Feel the thunder, lightning and rain awaken the hills and meadows with green blankets woven with the colours of the floral rainbow. Taste the freedom and vitality of nations filled with hope.

How do you meet people? How do you work in another country? How do you find a place to live? What is it genuinely like to live in another country? And what about healthcare? Is it safe?

Hear from those who have moved their families and raised their children overseas and had a more abundant and well-rounded life. Growing up in a different culture will rear a better adult. You will find a more rewarding, richer experience in other cultures with less materialism. Focus on cultures and people and how you can change lives for the better in other countries.

The expat lifestyle is like a diet. Either you are going to do it right and you are going to lose weight, or you are going to do it second-rate and not be happy. We are not here to teach you how to do it wrong. We are here to teach you how to do it right.

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Hindsight is 20/20, and if you knew what was going to happen at the beginning of 2020, would you have stayed put and locked yourself away… for two weeks? The world has changed. Prepare for what is coming and arm yourself with a second passport or residency in one (or more) of the many great countries ready and willing to welcome you—nations that will let you make choices. No more staring out your window wondering when you will be set free. Keep your second (or third) passport packed so you can head to that country and hunker down in the sun, sand, and surf when the alarm bells go off again. Our experts will show you how.

A Better Outcome

The information in Escape Artist Insiders is invaluable. There is no monetary value you can put on the magazine and how it will better prepare you to protect  yourself, your lifestyle, and your assets.

Interactive access to our writers will ensure success in your international journey. Study the articles then take the next step by connecting with them and their real-world experiences. Our team is committed to providing solid information to help you put strategies in place or improve the foundation you already have. 

Your Journey

By subscribing to Escape Artist Insiders, you are taking a stepping point in starting your journey. The first step is the hardest. We help legitimize your passage. There is nothing worse than stepping off the pier and not being able to find support. You are not alone.

And if your journey is underway, our articles will help you catch up and keep abreast of things when they change. Step back in and familiarize yourself with the international arena. As partners in your journey, we are here for you. 

Premium Publication with Experienced Writers

These editorials are exclusively Insider info and cannot be found anywhere else—not in our blogs or email newsletters. Only an annual subscription to Escape Artist Insiders magazine will give you full access to our lawyers, immigration specialists, and ambassadors. 

Since this information has never been disclosed, you’ll have a major head start when it comes to knowledge of second passports, residency programs, tax-free investment opportunities, private banking, asset protection, economic booms or disasters, etc.—and more than a few chances of benefiting from this knowledge.

Our digital issues arrive on the first of every month—and you don’t want to miss out. The perks of a digital magazine are too many to ignore. No extra papers to carry around on your travels while you chart fresh territory. Escape Artist Insiders magazine is optimized for all mobile devices: tablets, phones, Kindle, and of course, your laptop.

We believe in freedom. We support political philosophy advocating only minimal state intervention in the free market and the private lives of citizens. Rest assured all our guidance on foreign investments, real estate ventures, obtaining citizenship and passports, and starting international businesses adheres to the same school of thought. 

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Note From a Happy Subscriber

Thank you, Charlotte, for all that you sincerely write, who and what you pull together for the Escape Artist Insiders magazine each month. I’m currently reading my recent subscription, which I joyfully anticipate receiving each month, and as always it delivers an array of valuable tidbits (delicious morsels) that inspire, empower, and motivate me to take action towards creating my location-independent (nomad) life. I truly value the variety of resonant contributors with their unique specialties, that help to bring the wealth of knowledge encompassed in this unique magazine. Getting to know you and the various monthly contributors allows me a window into your depths, level of integrity and inner wisdom (life experience) which builds that trust for me. After all, leaping into the unknown is a scary thing, but knowing you can trust others to help you fly and navigate your way through it, is truly invaluable and I believe is needed as an integral part of our collective as a humanity. Thank you all. – Karen L, Australia

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