A Better Life for Half the Price – 2nd Edition: How to thrive on less money in the cheapest places to live

Author: Tim Leffel


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A completely updated follow-up to one of the most popular books in the world on living abroad: A Better Life for Half the Price. Get honest information on international living, where to retire for less, and the cheapest options for where to move.

For anyone struggling with high living expenses, this book provides a detailed road map on how to cut costs in half while upgrading your life in 19 desirable countries around the world. Anyone worried about trying to stretch their income or deal with the problem of not having enough income in retirement years will find the solution here. You’ll discover expat stories about living better for less, the pros and cons of each place, and detailed prices for each potential place to live. This definitive guide will help you figure out which country to move to and what you need to do to prepare for this exciting new chapter in your life.

This is the most comprehensive guide to moving abroad in order to cut your expenses in half, with advice, expatriate interviews, and specific country details for the cheapest places to live. It outlines how to cut loose instead of cutting back by having more of your money to spend each month. Find out how to live a more interesting, less stressful, and more prosperous life in another country.

The author is frequently quoted as one of the leading experts on moving overseas or retiring abroad, with the first edition mentioned in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, USA Today, Forbes, Thrillist, Bottom Line Personal, JohnnyJet.com, TheStreet.com, and NomadicMatt.com.


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