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2023 Insiders Subscription (12 Issues)


2022 Best of the Best (1 Edition – With 14 Editorials)

This is more than a review!  There are 14 in-depth editorials that are not found on our blog, email newsletter, or anywhere else.

Best of The Best

January 2022 – Rich Checkan “Insidious”

February 2022 – Charlotte Tweed “My First Six Months as a Digital Nomad”

March 2022 – Luigi Wewege “8 Truths People Might Not Know About Offshore Banking (And Should)”

April 2022 – Paul Rosenberg “Hustled Through Life No More”

May 2022 – Vit Jedlicka Interview “Liberland: Dawn of a Nation”

June 2022 – Amanda Cobb “Growing Up Overseas”

July 2022 – Joel Nagel “As Free As You Can Be with Your “Freedom Plan B””

August 2022 – Tracy Griffith “Have You Thought About What Your Medical Plan B Might Look Like?”

September 2022 – Eryka Gemma “Portugal: Open To Innovation”

October 2022 – Alex Voss “Free Cities and Taxes”

December 2022 – Michal Ptacnik – “Forgotten Wisdom”

August 2022 – Mike Cobb, “Plan B Freedom Through Global Residencies”

January 2022 – Jack Lannom – “Truth and Censorship are Incompatible”

February 2022 – John Constantine “Investing in What you Love: Fine Art as an Alternative Investment”


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